Student Rush Tickets

Offering student Rush Tickets is a way for Long Beach Symphony to provide inexpensive tickets just before concert time to students. Student Rush Tickets are available all season for any of our Classical or POPS! Series concerts. The number of tickets released varies based on availability for that performance.

Students Rush Tickets do not become available until 6:30 PM on the night of each performance. Tickets can be purchased at the Terrace Theater box office for Classical Series concerts and at the Long Beach Arena box office for POPS! Series concerts. Students interested in rush tickets can call the Box Office at (562) 436-3203 for additional information.

  • Student Rush Tickets are $10.
  • The Box Office will accept cash or credit cards for Student Rush Tickets.
  • Student Rush Tickets will be sold between 6:30 PM and 8:00 PM before each concert.
  • Available to High School, College, and University students. Each student must present a valid student ID.
  • All parties must be present when buying tickets.
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