Matt Mauser


Matt Mauser is a songwriter, solo artist, pop/rock bandleader, and Sinatra-style crooner, having spent more than two decades onstage and in the writing room. A lifelong resident of Southern California, he was an all-American swimmer during his younger years before shifting his focus to music.

During a local show with his Orange County-based party band, the Tijuana Dogs, he met fellow athlete, Christina. The two married and began raising a family, with Matt pulling triple duty as full-time family man, daytime Spanish teacher, and nighttime musician. He even combined his love of music and academics into a unique educational project, Rockin’ the Class, which taught children the fundamentals of Spanish through a selection of songs Matt had written, performed, and recorded. 

These days, music isn’t just a job; it’s also a source of therapy for Matt, who lost his wife in the January 2020 helicopter crash that also killed NBA great Kobe Bryant and seven others. Kobe hired Matt to create the music for an educational podcast called “The Punies.” Kobe and Christina also worked together, coaching a girls’ basketball team at the Mamba Sports Academy. Their loss was tragic to an entire world of basketball fans, and it was unspeakably tough for Matt. 

With songs like “Lost,” Matt Mauser is once again using his music to teach lessons and inspire joy. Written during the aftermath of Christina’s passing, the song reaches out to those who’ve experienced similar losses in their own lives. Those who grieve don’t have to grieve alone. And Matt Mauser, during the most challenging season of his life, hasn’t lost his ability to bring people together through his melodies, messages, and music.

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